A film that is over 10 years in the making. The Director takes the viewers into his most private inner thoughts and feelings about family, commitment and endurance.

In The Best Interest tells the true story of a father that finds himself in the bureaucracy of a family court
that leads him to the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court.


The primary location of the film was shot in Washington, D.C. in various locations around the district. The background setting takes place in Vera's barbershop in Northwest D.C.


The early footage was shot with the VHS tapes that was converted to digital file clips. The later video was shot with both the Sony DCR-VX2100 and the JVC 3CCD Everio.


The film will introduce a 'Spoken Word' soundtrack that will feature Lamont Carey, Brian Jackson and a hip hop duo called Positive Energy with their song titled 'Petition Denied'.

The Legal Doctrine

The legal doctrine of 'In The Best Interest' provide that lower family court matters are determined with a broad spectrum of factors that contribute to the best standard arrangement that would give a child his or her best opportunity in life. These determinating factors may include educational opportunties, well-being, close relationships with extended family members, safe environment, capability of parents and stability of their environment. These determinating factors rest at the sole discretion of a family court judge that will hear the matter and make a determination as to the best interest of the child.